Advocates for Music Appreciation and Education


The Dayton Music Club presents quality music programs and enhances music education for young musicians. With your membership, you are joining a wonderfully diverse group of active, professional musicians and avid supporters of music. To date, we have over 130 members and provide a number of services to the Dayton community, including:

▪ A forum for auditioned, Active Members to share music at monthly musicales that are free and open to the public;

▪ Opportunities for students of Dayton Music Club members to audition for scholarships and perform on a yearly honors recital;

▪ Club sponsored activities including Junior Music Clubs, concerts throughout the greater Dayton area, and programs in hospitals and retirement centers.

Whether you are a member or simply a music enthusiast — please join us for our monthly musicales typically held the third Sunday of each month at various locales in the Dayton area.

Nancy Harrison, President 2015-2017


Dayton Music Club Board Members 2017


Our board is made up of a diverse group of professionals, teachers and community leaders from across the Dayton region who come together to share their love and passion for music and work to spread their appreciation of music and to provide educational opportunities throughout our community. DMC Board Meetings are open to DMC Members.



DMC Officers

President – Gretchen Germann
First Vice President – Henrietta Cissy Matthews
Program Coordinators – Gwen Brubaker, Nancy Harrison, Kathleen Durig, Rosanne Brown
Immediate Past President – Nancy Harrison
Recording Secretary – Donna Johnson
Membership Treasurer (Expenses) – Gwen Brubaker
Treasurer (Endowment & Scholarships) – Judith Murray

DMC Directors

Junior Music Club Counselor – Christy Smith
Kathleen Durig
Virginia Oost
Thomas Wittberg
Patricia Brooks
Kristen Kosey
Moira Levant
Rosanne Brown
Benjamin Geist
Aaron Mood